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We speak to so many men who tell us how they're still stuck in the overwhelming emotional pain of a relationship breakup.

We know that many men can find it hard to share what they're going through after a breakup and can feel that they should just be "strong" and get over it. They often believe that the only way through is to push down those feelings but we know that holding back emotions and not talking can keep you stuck in the grief, shame, guilt and anger.
They want to move on, but for whatever reason, they just can't get over 'breakup torment,' and they know no amount of counselling or therapy is going to help.
Well, that's why we set up 'Healing For Men After Breakup Or Divorce'
This membership is solely for men who want to finally get over that lost relationship, and become excited about life again.
Joining this community of amazing men gives access to live information sessions, expert advice, posts, interviews and much more, all designed to help the healing process, and get great guys back on their feet.